Frequently Asked Questions

I noticed you have a little dog, will he be there when I visit?
He is a hypoallergenic, non shedding dog, so you don’t have to worry about dog hair bothering you. He is very well behaved and trained; but also the sweetest friendliest little thing; you will find he will want to say hi to you before going off and having a nap while we indulge in each other.

Why don’t you show your face? Can you send me a photo of your face?While I have fun being Giselle, I also have other goals and aspirations that are extremely important to me, so it is imperative that I keep my identity sealed and to not have photos disclosing my identity flying around. While you may be trust worthy, not everyone in this world is, and unfortunately the only way I can guarantee separation is by catering to the 1% that can’t be trusted. Added to this, with me being an avid traveller, and with the advances in face recognition technology, I like to take comfort knowing I can cross an international border without being flagged.

Is that really you? If so why aren't you verified on some of the advertising sites? 
Yes, I can guarantee that my photos are 100% genuine, if you go to my twitter, not only will you find a range of unedited selfies, but will also find I have tagged the photographer in all of my professional shots.

The reason I am not verified is not because my photos are fake, but because I refuse to adhere to the verification protocol of  particular sites. Some sites require a copy of your passport, a photo of you holding the passport, and a photo of you holding a sign with your work name and their company name. Some companies even choose to store this information for years after you leave this world behind; and that is not something I am even remotely comfortable with. Once information like that is handed over, I have no power over what happens to it.