He walked into the room to see a statuesque woman standing there; and is suddenly captivated by the shapely tigress in front of him oozing an allure of blissful arousal.

 Hello Gentlemen, it is an absolute pleasure to be acquainted. Let me introduce myself, I am Giselle McPherson. A gorgeous New Zealand companion that outpours an aluminous glow of both inner and outer beauty - a rare but true beauty.

It was once said, the most valuable roses are the long stemmed ones, and yes, my long legs that go on forever emphasize just that with me.  Stylishly dressed and well versed to impress, my class and sass will leave you weak at the knees, enjoying and caressing the night away. My caring nature and erotic pizazz is bound to take us to that next level of enjoyment.  I get excited just watching you take pleasure in your evening of debauchery. Mention my home town Queenstown to take advantage of your thank you.

Indulge in your active imagination, this is one time you can let go and throw caution to the wind… you will want to come back again and again.

 Until we meet,

 Giselle Mcpherson



Age: Early 30's - In my prime sexual peak!

Dress Size: 12 Hourglass

Bust: 12D Enhanced

Weight: 80kg

Hair: Dark Blonde - just past my shoulders

Eyes: Sapphire Blue

Personality: Naughty Tigress

Nationality: New Zealand

Language: English